Salar-e-Jamhoriyat suffering from mental illness


Muzaffarabad – Shoaib Mehmood:

The President Muslim Students Federation (N) Raja Zain Mehmood has said that the so called Salar-e-Jamhoriyat has been suffering from mental illness that is why they are making useless statements about our historical heroes.
In a statement Raja Zain Mehmood said that due to the closure of extortion the fake Salar-e-Jamhoriyat become mad, Sikandar Hayat tried his best to restore his Zakat but consistently denial from PMLN Govt take him to Muslim Conference.
He said that the actual issue with Sikandar Hayyat is the restoring of his Zakat, if the the Govt restore his Zakat he will immediately rejoin the PMLN, but it is impossible under the leadership of Raja Farooq Haider.
He said that the state treasury is the huge responsibility from the people of the state and there can’t be any dishonesty in PMLN govt.
He said the PML-N workers are firmly standing with ideology of Mian Nawaz Sharif and Raja Farooq Haider and this ideology will lead the country to prosperity.

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