Govt working on taking action in light of Article 6 after SC decision: Rana Sana


Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah said Thursday while addressing a press conference in Islamabad that work for an action in the light of Article 6 had begun,
Rana Sanaullah asked President Arif Alvi to resign, stating that the funeral for the politics of Imran Khan had been offered.
He stressed that there should be a reference against them [PTI leadership] in the light of the Constitution.
He urged the National Assembly speaker to make a reference against them [PTI leadership] and send it to the election commission.
“In my opinion, the National Assembly speaker is bound to send a reference against them [PTI leadership] to the election commission,” said Rana Sanaullah.
“The judgement of the Supreme Court is always final, and it will be implemented,” he vowed, adding that he was ready to arrest Imran Khan.
He also castigated Imran Khan for leading a march on Islamabad, adding that Sheikh Rashid was to be arrested during the long march.
“The gang of incompetents no longer has space for politics,” he stated.
He said that the Constitution of Pakistan was a sacred trust, adding that the Supreme Court’s judgement upheld the Constitution.
He termed the judgement of the Supreme Court a historic verdict against the ruling of the former National Assembly deputy speaker, stating that the apex court verdict strictly observed the Constitution.
“After this decision, Imran Khan’s politics has come to an end. The president should resign after this decision,” demanded Rana Sanaullah.

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