December 8, 2023

SC verdict exposes Imran’s conspiracy narrative: Maryam Nawaz


Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz (PML-N) vice President Maryam Nawaz on Thursday while expressing satisfaction over Supreme Court verdict on the former deputy speaker Qasim Suri’s ruling on no-confidence motion against former Prime Minister Imran Khan said that the historic decision of the Supreme Court has exposed the false politics and conspiracy narrative of Imran Khan, and the apex court judge said, he had violated the constitution.
Addressing a rally in Kallar Syedan ahead of July 17 Punjab by-elections campaign, Maryam Said that, Fitna Khan had laid landmines, we have removed landmines by taking tough decisions, adding that difficult times are over, good news will come to the people in the coming days.
She further said that PM Shehbaz Sharif will address tonight and will announce the cut in petrol price.
“I urge the government not to end the matter here, Article 6 and treason cases should be prosecuted against the PTI leaders, they should be punished so that no one can violate the constitution in future,” She added.
Taking a swipe at Imran Khan, Maryam said the Supreme court has exposed his false conspirational narrative, adding that the judge said Imran Khan did not provide any evidence of conspiracy.
She went on to say that her party will defeat incompetence, inflation and corruption and the PML-N has already won. On July 17, there will be a competition with Punjab’s enemy Imran Khan and “Fitna Khan” is another name of anarchy.

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