Shujaat Hussain advises govt, Opposition to hold dialogue for Pakistan’s sake


Lahore – Tahir Chudhary:

PML-Q President Ch Shujaat Hussain has said the situation in the country has reached a point where it has never been before and urged the political parties to hold a dialogue in the best interest of Pakistan.

“In such a situation, the government and the Opposition should understand their duty that they have to work in the interest of the country and people,” Shujaat Hussain said and added the government should not respond to all the suggestions of the Opposition with rhetoric but should seriously consider them.

“We are allies but it is well known that when we talk about guidance, it is called opposition,” the PML-Q leader said.

The veteran politician suggested the ruling party to don’t fall into the trap of credit because in the race for credit some members of the assemblies do things that are not acceptable to anyone.

“The government or the Opposition should not follow the advice of those whose thinking is based on self-interest rather than national interest. Both the government and the Opposition should unite in the interest of the country. Government representatives should not make everything an issue of their ego but go ahead and take the initiative in resolving issues.”

Shujaat also warned the rival political parties of serious consequences of this blame game.

Two and a half years have already passed and by the passage of another year the results of these unmannerly statements will come to light, therefore, instead of taking matters to this level, we should move towards dialogue in any way, formal or informal.”, he added.

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