SCBAP denounces Sheikh Rasheed’s remarks regarding ‘governor rule’


Staff Reporter – ISLAMABAD:

Supreme Court Bar Association of Pakistan (SCBAP) President Muhammad Ahsan Bhoon has strongly condemned the statement of Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed regarding advice to Prime Minister Imran Khan for imposition of governor rule in Sindh province.

In a statement issued on Friday, Supreme Court Bar Association of Pakistan stated that statement of Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed has triggered a new debate. He said that Supreme Court Bar Association of Pakistan strongly refute and condemn the statement of the interior minister, adding that merely on the basis of false accusation and alleged charges of horse trading over the matter of dissidents of ruling party, (which are yet to be verified), does not provide any sufficient grounds for imposition of governor rule.

The association stated that amid already spoiled political scenario, proclamation of governor rule would not only be a disastrous step for the country but it would also be a blatant violation of democratic process.

As per the statement, the SCBAP was of the opinion that under the guise of no-confidence motion (which is purely a democratic and constitutional right) any step leading to imposition of governor rule shall increase political polarization and would become the ultimate reason of destabilization in the country which is severely harmful not only for the very fabric of democracy but will also destroy the harmony and unanimity of the nation. The SCBAP advised Prime Minister Imran Khan to remain careful and vigilant of his imprudent aides who have dragged him to present situation over such ill-advises.

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