September 24, 2023

Politicians use power for personal benefits: Imran Khan


Staff Reporter – Islamabad:

Prime Minister Imran Khan has said the leadership that came up through the political system was just too divorced from faith, they came to power just to enjoy it, hence they compromised for staying in power.

“Most of the politicians used the power for personal benefits,” he said while talking with renowned Sufi scholar Shaykh Hamza Yusuf in a video conversation.

PM Imran Khan said he wanted to make Pakistan an Islamic welfare state based on the concept of the state of Medina by Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAWW).

“We want to base this country on two principles; a welfare state and a humane state which takes care of its lower strata of society and second rule of law,” he added.

Talking about the climate crisis, he said the environment should be treated as sacred.

The prime minister said the fundamental principle of a civilised society was the rule of law where the powerful were brought under the law and the absence of rule of law was the biggest problem in the developing countries.

He said Pakistan had great potential and immensely talented people.

Imran maintained that one must not fear anyone or anything except Allah (SWT).

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