PMLN targeting state institutions for political gain: Buzdar


Staff Reporter – Lahore:

Chief Minister Punjab Sardar Usman Buzdar has strongly condemned the targeting of state institutions by the N league to achieve certain objectives.

In a statement issued on Thursday, the CM said the opposition is bent upon making the state institutions doubtful. All those hurling abuses at institutions are not faithful to the country, asserted the CM. Such attempts are, actually, aimed at weakening the country, said Usman Buzdar. There is no future for all those involved in tendentious politics, he reiterated. He deprecated that the opposition leaders’ assertions are contradictory to the national interest, as well as unjustifiable, depicting an anti-state narrative, he regretted. There is no room for any anti-state rhetoric in the country and the people have totally rejected the treacherous narrative, he maintained. Every conspiracy against the institutions would be effectively countered and no compromise would be made on the respect of the institutions. The PTI will continue to firmly stand with the institutions, concluded the CM.

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