Opposition rallies cannot topple govt, PM Imran Khan will complete tenure: Sheikh Rasheed


Islamabad – Talha Akhtar:

Federal Minister for Railways Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed on Monday said that Prime Minister Imran Khan will definitely complete his five-year tenure and merely holding jalsas cannot topple the government.

He was addressing a press conference in Rawalpindi to talk about different developments in Pakistan Railways as well as the current political climate in the country.

Answering a question, he said that the government is trying to stop the Opposition from holding jalsas only because of the surge in coronavirus cases in the country.

“The government has employed efforts to contain the rising spread of COVID-19. As you can see, Bilawal Bhutto contracted the virus from the Peshawar jalsa, while many others also tested positive after attending the Gujranwala jalsa.”

Referencing Shahbaz Sharif’s earlier statement about the need for a national dialogue, Sheikh Rasheed appreciated the move and said that PM Imran Khan is also ready to hold talks about everything except the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) and the National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO).

“On the other hand, PDM chief Fazlur Rehman’s politics should not approach a dead end as it will lead to a political decline,” he said, adding that accidents happen when a “political driver drives foolishly.”

Touching upon the issue of Pakistan’s economy, he said that the country suffered in the past because of those who looted all the assets.

“Imran Khan will never want his country to be struggling with inflation. The government is trying its best to improve the situation and people will see the results in a few months,” Sheikh Rasheed said.

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