Now PTI says Vote Ko Izzat do


No-confidence motion: PTI ‘tsunami’ strikes Sindh House

13 PTI workers ‘arrested’ for Sindh House attack

Staff Reporter – ISLAMABAD:

The Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf workers stormed Sindh House in Islamabad against alleged horse-trading.

The ruling party workers barged into the Sindh House after staging a sit-in outside the building – right opposite the official residence of the chief justice of Pakistan.

A heavy contingent of police reached the site and directed the demonstrators to leave the area. The demonstrators dispersed while reports said some of them were hurling abuses at the lawmen.

PTI dissident lawmakers took refuge in the Sindh House till the National Assembly session on a no-confidence motion against Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Meanwhile, after around two dozen PTI MNAs decided to move to the Sindh House to seek refuge from the government’s wrath, party workers resorted to violence in Islamabad Friday as they barged into the lodge to throw the lawmakers out.

Hordes of PTI workers — including MNA Ataullah Niazi — participated in the demonstration. The workers chanted slogans against the PTI MNAs and in PM Khan’s support. They also smashed the lotay with their feet. A lota is a derogatory term in Pakistani politics, used for turncoats.

Meanwhile, the PTI and Insaf Student Federation (ISF) workers in Faisalabad also protested against MNA Raja Riaz at the Zila Council Chowk. The protesters demanded Riaz resign from the party. As a result, a heavy contingent of police was deployed outside the MNA’s house for his security.

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