December 8, 2023

NAB ex-chairman Javed Iqbal skips PAC meeting again


Former National Accountability Bureau (NAB) chairman Justice (retd) Javed Iqbal again skipped his appearance before the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) a meeting of which was held under the chairmanship of Noor Alam Khan on Thursday.
Acting NAB Chairman Zahir Shah came to the PAC meeting for a briefing.
The PAC chairman directed the members to keep their cell phones off during the meeting.
He also expressed his displeasure over absence of the finance secretary from the PAC meeting yesterday.
“You were in a meeting with the prime minister yesterday [and still you did not attend the PAC meeting]. You must take the PAC seriously,” Chairman Noor Alam Khan said to the finance secretary.
On the occasion, Senator Hilal-ur-Rehman submitted a plea against corruption in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) programme which led to a heated argument between PAC Chairman Noor Alam Khan and PAC member Shibli Faraz.
“A copy of Senator Hilal’s issue should be provided before discussion on it in the committee meeting,” Shibli Faraz demanded.
“Shibli Faraz Sahib! You are a member of the committee. I will not take dictation [from you],” Noor Alam Khan said to Shibli Faraz.
PAC member Sheikh Rohail Asghar also reprimanded Senator Shibli Faraz. “If you don’t discuss Senator Hilal’s public issue, whom are you representing here then?” Sheikh Rohail Asghar said to Shibli Faraz.
“There were irregularities in the funds released by the previous government for the tribal areas,” Senator Hilal alleged.
“Money was released for development works in the tribal areas, but no work was done,” he added.
Shibli Faraz wrote a dissenting note over discussion on the issue of corruption in the SDGs programme.
“There was corruption and misuse of power in the SDGs programme,” Noor Alam Khan said.
“You should not make political statements,” Shibli Faraz asked Noor Alam Khan.
“I am not making political statements. I am telling the facts,” Noor Alam Khan replied.
He also warned, “Shibli Faraz Sahib! keep your voice low. I have other options too.”
“Ok! Then expel me from the meeting,” Shibli Faraz replied.

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