September 24, 2023

‘Lack of denial’ implies govt has recognised Israel: Maryam


Islamabad – Staff Reporter:

PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz on Tuesday said she believed the government had recognised Israel as “it is not even issuing a denial” to reports and statements from news agencies emphasising on Pakistan’s reported acceptance of the Jewish nation-state.

She made this statement in response to a question during a media talk outside the Islamabad High Court.

Maryam stressed the government should apprise the nation of its decision [on Israel]. “It’s not your personal decision… it’s something that is linked to 220 million people of Pakistan.”

Prime Minister Imran Khan in November last year had said Pakistan was facing great pressure from the United States to recognise Israel, but he clarified that “this will not be possible unless there is a just settlement, which satisfies Palestine”.

Commenting on the country’s foreign policy, the PML-N leader asked the government to bring its own house in order first.

“Your foreign policy should not alter in view of a changing political landscape. It should not be based on your political standing,” she said, calling for a unified stance on issues.

‘No deal with govt

Hitting out at the government, Maryam said once the PTI’s tenure ends, it won’t be able to come to power again.

She claimed there was intense infighting within the government and this would be visible once the general election approaches.

Responding to a query on whether the PML-N had entered a deal with the government, Maryam thundered: “Why do you people call everything a deal. This is an inappropriate question. Why will there be any deal? […] Are we mad to have a deal with those we are [fighting] against?” she questioned.

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