September 24, 2023

Inter-ministerial committee to probe Broadsheet scandal: Shibli Faraz


Islamabad – Staff Reporter:

Minister for Information Shibli Faraz said that an inter-ministerial committee had been formed to probe the Broadsheet scandal.

“Different interviews have come forth and after the London High Court’s decision, an inter-ministerial committee has been formed to further dissect the matter,” said Faraz, adding that the committee would not only minutely probe the fine points of the case, but also determine how the country’s wealth was looted, and how the firm, after it had made important discoveries, was approached by someone said to be Nawaz Sharif’s cousin to have the family’s name removed from the matter after which the CEO said, “We don’t deal with crooks.”

The information minister said that those who had made a mockery of the state institutions, damaged the national kitty and dragged the country in litigation which caused great embarrassment to it would be dealt with after the committee shared its own findings.

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