Institutional reforms need of the hour: Ali Awan


Staff Reporter – Islamabad:

Special Assistant to Prime Minister Ali Nawaz Awan on Tuesday said that state institutional reforms were the demand of the time and the performance of every department can only be improved through such bold steps.
Awan said the PTI-led government was taking all necessary measures to change the corrupt system and introduce a transparent system through reforms in every department including media.
He said the opposition would not be successful in its attempts to derail the democratic process and Imran Khan will make history by fulfilling the promise to bring about reforms in the electoral process.
The government would investigate all of those mentioned in the latest Pandora documents on an equality basis, he added.
He said that there will not be any compromise if the person is found guilty and not declared his assets publicly, adding, Prime Minister Imran Khan has established a high-level Cell to ascertain the facts of Pandora leaks.
Prime Minister firmly believes in the supremacy of the constitution, rule of law, and across-the-board accountability, adding, no one will be excused if they are found guilty in Pandora-related investigation.
The ruling PTI had come into power with a mandate of ensuring uniform justice in the country and PM Imran Khan and his govt will not tolerate whosoever that may be in Pandora papers, he added.

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