December 8, 2023

India financing terrorism in Pakistan: Sheikh Rashid


Islamabad – Staff Reporter:

India is financing terrorism in Pakistan and trying to damage the country through its agents and funding, Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid on Monday.

The minister, addressing a ceremony near the Islamabad airport, maintained that India wants to damage Pakistan and is involved in funding militant groups in the country.

“Pakistan Army will protect the nation from their attacks and the country will prosper,” he added.

Thanking the Hazaras for ending the demonstration in Quetta, Rashid said they helped the country come out of an emergency situation.

Speaking about the political situation in the country, the minister said the opposition’s alliance PDM is about to finish.

PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz is responsible for the destruction of her party, he said adding that she lacks political foresight due to which her party is suffering.

The minister said he was right about the opposition contesting by-elections and Senate polls, adding that the masses voted for the PTI for accountability of those who plundered the national wealth.

PPP has no place in the politics of Punjab while Imran Khan’s struggle will be remembered forever, Rashid concluded.

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