Imran urges workers to contest elections like ‘Jihad’


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Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan on Sunday urged workers to take part in Lahore by-elections by considering it ‘Jihad’,
Addressing a workers convention in PP-168 Lahore, Imran said when he entered into politics, he never saw families in large numbers, adding that Pakistan is changing and he welcomed exclusively youth, women and families to the convention.
Imran said that the prices of petrol, diesel, power, rice are witnessing whooping hike, adding that during PTI tenure, they (coalition government) all said the country witnessed hike.
Imran said that inflation would not stop here, adding that after PTI’s departure, the dollar touches near Rs210.
Imran said that first conspiracy was hatched against with the intervention from US, adding that the US wanted such government in the country which would follow its orders.
Imran said that those people who were looting the country for three decades, especially Shehbaz and Hamza Shehbaz were about to convicted, but through conspiracy they were imposed and the country is witnessing skyrocketing inflation.
Imran said that after Shehbaz became prime minister, he devastated country’s economy with pace, adding that today it has been proved that Shehbaz’s development was only for advertising.
Imran went on to say that when they passed NAB amendment bill, cases of Rs1100 were ended, adding that in 90s Musharraf also give them NRO-I to save his throne.
Imran said that now with NRO-II, the imported government has written off Rs1100billion of all the corrupt people of Pakistan through these new NAB amendments.
Imran went on to say that this country will not left spare those traitors who imposed these thieves on the country.
PTI Chairman has advised the workers to start the door-to-door campaign ahead of the Lahore by-elections.
former prime minister said that he wants bravery from his party’s candidate Malik Nawaz Awan, adding he (Imran) stood by the side of Malik Nawaz Awan.

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