AJK political parties to use CMS for election 2021


Muzaffarabad – Shoaib Mehmood:

In wake of the upcoming AJK general elections 2021, the political parties and the potential PM-ship candidates are in competition to win over each other. Many of them are seriously considering use of IT and data science for managing their workers, elections teams, and mobilizing their voters to get results in their favour just like Prime Minister Imran Khan’s PTI did in 2018.
AJK has a significant diaspora living abroad having quite an exposure of modern technology and is also willing to put this to use in the upcoming elections.
Following this trend, it is learnt through various sources, many parties have contacted the team behind the Constituency Management System-CMS which enabled PTI to secure victory in 2018 elections.
The top leadership of PTI had appreciated the success of CMS and many news sources such as Reuters and other renowned international newspapers reported on its game changing role in Pakistan Tehreek-i- Insaaf (PTI) election strategy. Apart from full preparation for the election day management, the system had helped PTI in identifying their voters, contacting them for polling, ensuring required vote mobilization and cast for candidate’s winning results from each polling station.
The majority of PTI candidates followed Imran Khan’s directive of using modern technology by implementing CMS which proved useful in pulling out voters even at the places where other communication systems were poor, leaving the other political parties and candidates scrambling due to archaic methods.

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