Not aware of agreement between govt-TLP: Rashid


Staff Reporter – Rawalpindi:

Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid on Thursday said he was involved in the first agreement between the state and Tehreek-i-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) but is not aware of details for the second such agreement between the two sides.

“When it [the second deal with TLP] comes to light, everyone will know about it,” said the minister while addressing a ceremony in Rawalpindi. The minister added that he was in favour of dialogue with the religious party.

Acknowledging that the next three months were vital for the country, he maintained that “nothing is going to happen”.

The federal minister further added that PTI’s political allies had reservations about electoral reforms whereas the decision of the National Assembly Speaker to postpone the joint sitting of the Parliament must have been taken with forethought.

“Opposition is only doing politics for TV audiences,” he said. “I stand with Prime Minister Imran Khan. He will complete his five-year term.”

Earlier, Minister Rashid revealed that TLP chief Saad Rizvi was adamant about the closure of the French embassy in the country during negotiations with him during the party’s long march..

The interior minister had also claimed he had convinced the TLP chief that the issue of the French ambassador’s expulsion would be taken up in parliament. “I signed [an agreement], which I stand by,” Rashid said, adding that he had no idea about what talks took place in his absence.

Regarding the ongoing T20 World Cup, the minister prayed for the Pakistan cricket team’s success against Australia in Thursday’s semi-final.

“My final was on the day Pakistan defeated India,” he added.

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