Usman Buzdar, Khusro Bakhtiar and 20 other leaders terminates from PTI

Fawad submits written apology to ECP in contempt case

LAHORE/Islamabad(Tahir Chuhdary/Webdesk): Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) on Tuesday terminated the party memberships of 22 leaders including former chief minister Punjab Usman Buzdar for violating party policies,

The PTI leaders were notified of the termination of their membership by the party’s secretary general Omar Ayub Khan through a letter issued on July 31.

Almost all the letters were identical but the only edit done in them was that each leader was informed about the day they came on media and distanced themselves from the Imran Khan-led party.

The PTI has asked these leaders to “refrain” from using the party’s name and warned that if the advice is not heeded then they will face legal action.

Here’s the list of leaders kicked out from PTI:

Usman Buzdar Khusro Bakhtiar Syed Nadeem Zaman Shah Syed Muhammad Asghar Shah
Sardar Muhammad Khan Laghari Salman Khan Gadoka Sabeen Gul Raja Muhammad Saleem
Bahawal Khan Abbasi Muhammad Zaheer ud Din Khan Alizai Muhammad Saleem Akhtar Labar Muhammad Farooq Azam Malik
Muhammad Akhtar Malik Muhammad Afzal Mohiyuddin Solangi Mian Tariq Abdullah
Mian Shafi Muhammad Makhdoom Afqar ul Hassan Javed Akhtar Ansari Ehtisham ul Haq Laleka
Ehsan ul Haque Chaudhary Akram Kanu

Several politicians jumped the PTI’s ship during the mass exodus, with many claiming to leave the party and bidding adieu to politics.

Many of the former PTI members have joined the newly-formed Istehkam-e-Pakistan Party (IPP), led by the senior politician Jahangir Tareen, while some are exploring alternative options or distancing themselves from the party following the disruptive events of May 9.

The May 9 violent protest began soon after the arrest of PTI chief Imran Khan arrest by Rangers personnel from Islamabad High Court (IHC) — acting on National Accountability Bureau’s (NAB) warrant.

The deposed prime minister, who was removed from power via a parliamentary vote last year, was arrested as part of NAB’s investigation in the Al-Qadir Trust case ahead of his appearance before the IHC to seek bail in multiple FIRs registered against him.


Former federal minister Fawad Chaudhry expressed his concern about the increasingly bitter political environment in the country that was not suitable for holding elections.

Mr Fawad personally appeared before the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) and submitted a written apology in contempt case.

In response to Chaudhry’s comments, the chief election commissioner criticised him for the language used in his apology. The Election Commission warned that failure to issue a proper apology would result in the show cause notice being pursued. However, after reviewing the apology letter, the commission will determine the course of action.

During the hearing, Advocate Faisal Chaudhry argued that the issues at hand were technical and requested acceptance of the apology. The Election Commission subsequently adjourned the hearing until August 15.

Following the hearing, Fawad Chaudhry spoke to the media, emphasising the need to address the current environment of “bitterness” in the country. He questioned the value of holding elections in such circumstances and suggested forming a Majlis-i-Shura instead. Chaudhry further stated that reducing the tension between party leaders such as Chairman PTI, the establishment, and former PM Nawaz Sharif was crucial for holding successful elections. He proposed the creation of a charter of democracy to foster unity and cooperation.

Chaudhry lamented the current state of democracy and elections in Pakistan, stressing the importance of normalising the country before proceeding with any electoral processes. He concluded by highlighting the urgent need to put an end to the ongoing conflicts and bitterness to facilitate a constructive electoral process in Pakistan.