Maryam will elevate citizens’ living standard, Khawaja Asif

Maryam will elevate citizens' living standard, Khawaja Asif

Lahore /Sialkot; Defence Minister Khawaja Asif on Sunday hailed Punjab Chief Maryam Nawaz for taking steps to meet modern needs in line with providing health facilities to the masses.

Addressing the inauguration ceremony of the Clinics on Wheels’ project in Sialkot, Asif said, “The mobile clinics [also known as clinics on wheels] will bring a pleasant change in daily life.These clinics will provide eye specialists and offer mammography services for women,” he added.

Lavishing his praise on CM Maryam, Asif said, “Her [CM Maryam] efforts will bring healthcare facilities right to people’s doorsteps.”

Few days back, CM Maryam rolled out the “Clinics on Wheels” project.

Addressing an event in Lahore, CM Maryam stated: “The initiatives taken by Nawaz Sharif and Shehbaz were sabotaged by the previous government. It takes up to three months to organise the new government.”

“It is Nawaz Sharif who gets pleased with the launch of every project,” she added.

Speaking about the “Clinics on Wheels” projects, CM Maryam said: “It is not about the vehicle but the entire clinic, which will reach outside the doorsteps of the masses.”

She maintained: “The vehicle will be available in the underprivileged areas for six days, from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. The pregnant women will be given complete facilities in the ambulance.”

CM Maryam vowed to increase the doctors and paramedic staff. “Now doctors from every district will be given priority in terms of recruitment,” she said.

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We are rolling out cardiology centres in eight districts, including Mianwali, Sialkot, Jehlum, and Layyah.

“I would like to ask the health secretary to roll out the free insulin project,” she said.

Punjab government will elevate citizens’ living standard, Khawaja Asif

He accused the PTI-led government of corruption and embezzlement, saying they had looted the country’s resources and were now trying to avoid accountability.

The minister referred to the extension given to General Qamar Javed Bajwa, saying that the country’s sovereignty and stability are more important than personal interests.