PTI Chairman would visit his house without his “consent”. Maneka

‘Imran Khan ruined my happily married life,’ reveals Khawar Maneka

Ex-husband, accuses Imran Khan of ruining his marital life,

Khan met his ex-wife in Lahore under the garb of “peeri mureedi” (spiritual guidance).

Karachi/Lahore(Staff Reporter/Webdesk)_Ex-husband of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan’s wife Bushra Bibi, has made shocking revelations regarding his divorce and the third marriage of the former premier.

“Our marriage lasted for 28 years..we had a very happy married life and Imran Khan ruined it under the guise of peer-muridi (a reference to a relationship between a spiritual guide and a follower),” he added.

Maneka said Bushra Bibi married Imran one and a half month after he divorced her in November 2017. However, he said he was unaware of it. “I and my children were not aware of this marriage when a private news channel broke the news of the marriage, I denied it.”

Speaking on at a private news channel program on Monday, Maneka said PTI chief Imran ruined his married life with Bushra Bibi under the garb of “peer muridi”.


Khan had married Bushra Bibi in January 2018 when she was observing iddat (the time a woman goes into isolation after her husband dies or divorces her) but the pictures of the wedding were released on February 18 in a bid to hide the marriage from the public eye, according to a published report in March 2018.

Maneka said Imran would visit his house without his “consent” and he was not happy over his then-wife’s meetings with the PTI chief.

Recalling the one such visit, Maneka said he had kicked the PTI chief out of the house with the help of domestic help.

When asked why he was speaking now, Khawar said: “When they tied the knot, I received phone calls from Zulfi Bukhari and Farah Gogi and they categorically told me that ‘Mian Sb he [Khan] is our mureed and he is about to become the prime minister and its better that you remain silent. I took it lightly but they got others to call me and I thought they would put my children’s life at stake. I was silent at that time.”

He added: “Now I am broken and I don’t want to live with this burden. I want to come in front of anyone.”

In response to a query, Khawar said that he was ready to face all cases. He lamented that no one asked them after the marriage. “Since she became the wife of the prime minister and Imran Khan has become prime minister, me and children have received nothing but the people’s criticism.”


During the PTI’s protest sit-in Islamabad, Maneka said the former first lady’s sister Maryam Watto arranged a meeting between the PTI chief and his now-wife.

After the first meeting, Maneka said the PTI chief and Bushra Bibi started meeting in Islamabad frequently.

“My mother used to say that Imran Khan is not a good person, don’t let him come in the house.”

Divulging the details of the relationship between the duo, Maneka said his then-wife would speak to Imran overnight secretly on a phone number provided to her by Farah Gogi at the request of the PTI chief.

He said he has a residence in Islamabad’s Bani Gala area and Bushra Bibi would meet the PTI chief’s at his house in the same vicinity without his permission.

Six months before the wedding, Bushra Bibi “separated from me” and went to her house her house in Punjab’s Pakpattan city, Maneka said, adding that Bushra Bibi refused to return home despite his insistence.

Maneka said one day, he received a text message from Farah Gogi, asking him to divorce ‘Pinky’ (alias of Bushra Bibi).

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“I went to Bushra and asked her do you want a divorce? She bowed his head and did not answer,” he said.

Maneka said he sent the divorce papers to her then-wife through Farah Gogi on November 14, 2017.

Later, he said Farah Gogi and Zulfi Bukhari, a close aide of the PTI chief, asked him to change the date of divorce on papers and keep mum as “Imran Khan wants to become the prime minister”.