Trump again offers to mediate between India, Pakistan on Kashmir

Donald Trump in India

ISLAMABAD, 25 February 2020 – Talha Akhtar:

US President Donald Trump who is on a two-day official trip to India has reiterated his offer to mediate Kashmir dispute.

“Willing to mediate between India and Pakistan on Kashmir,” he was quoted as saying during the press conference on Tuesday.

Speaking to media, the US president said that he had good relations with Prime Minister Imran Khan and once again, repeated the offer to mediate between India and Pakistan on the issue of Kashmir.

In response to a question, Trump said that he and Modi “talked a lot about Pakistan”.

“I have a very good relationship with the with Prime Minister Imran Khan,” he said, stating that his relationship with both Modi and PM Imran was “very good”.

Trump said that if there was anything he could do to mediate between India and Pakistan on the issue of Kashmir. “Kashmir has been a thorn in a lot of people’s sides for a long time and there are two sides to every story,” he said.

This is the third time that Trump has offered both nuclear armed neighbours to help resolve the long-standing Kashmir conflict.

In response to a question, Trump said that he discussed the issue of religious freedom in India, saying that he got a very ‘powerful answer’ from the Indian prime minister.

“We talked about religious liberty for a long time, in front of a lot of people and I had a very, very powerful answer from him [Modi],” he said.

“You have been criticised for your policies against Muslims, so were you in apposition to talk about the current Indian polices,” asked a reporter. To which the US president replied: “I won the travel ban, and we use it where we think it is necessary not based on a religion. We won it in the Supreme Court and we bar those people from travelling to our country who might hurt our citizens,” he said.

Trump said while addressing a mammoth crowd of more than 100,000 people at the opening of the world’s largest cricket stadium in the western state of Gujarat, shortly after his arrival to India on a two-day visit.

“We are hopeful for reduced tensions, greater stability and the future of harmony for all of the nations of South Asia,” he said, adding that the US is working with Pakistan in a very positive way in fight against terrorism.