Training program on eliminating harassment at workplace: NEPRA

Islamabad (Mudasser Chudhary): An in-house training session was organized for all NEPRA employees on “Eliminating Harassment at Workplace” on 17-02-2020 at NEPRA Head Office, Islamabad. The training was first of its kind in the history of NEPRA. Mr. Tauseef H. Farooqi, Chairman NEPRA, in his opening remarks, emphasized on creating a conducive working environment for all the NEPRA employees. He was of the view that these kind of trainings will provide better understanding to avoid harassment at the workplace among the employees.

2)   Barrister Maham Durrani Niazi (the trainer from M/s Career Pakistan) elaborated the associated national laws comprehensively:

  1.  The Protection against Harassment of Women at the Workplace  Act, 2010,
  2. Section 509 of  Pakistan Penal Court
  3. Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act 2016

3)   On conclusion, of the training session, the employee widely lauded the efforts of NEPRA Authority for organizing such a wonderful interactive session which provided them an ample opportunity to comprehend the following;

  1. Better understand sexual harassment – its definition, forms and types of behaviour;
  2. Better understand the causes of sexual harassment;
  3. Better understand how sexual harassment affects those involved and the organisation;
  4. Become familiar with the law on sexual harassment in Pakistan;
  5. Become familiar with NEPRA’s Pakistan’s policy and procedures relating to sexual harassment; and
  6. Ways of countering sexual harassment at work.