September 24, 2023

TLP asks Rasheed to reveal negotiations details to public


Militants are those who staged a sit-in in Islamabad for 126 days, attacked PTV and Parliament

Staff Reporter – Gujranwala:

Banned outfit Tehreek-i-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) has asked Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed to reveal details of the negotiations between the government and proscribed group and put TLP’s position forward to the public, saying they will “not allow the facts to be distorted.”

Saddam Bukhari, a spokesman for the outlawed TLP said: “One side of the picture should not be shown regarding negotiations with the government. Our only demand from day one was that the French ambassador be deported.”

He said the rest of the demands were put forward by TLP due to a clash with the law enforcement agencies and claimed that the talks between the government and TLP will continue in Islamabad.

“Our caravan is on its way to Islamabad,” he said, adding that the TLP leadership will make a decision on stopping the caravan after successful talks.

Referring to Sheikh Rasheed, the TLP spokesman further said that the interior minister should reveal details of the talks and TLP’s position should also be put forward.

History has shown that we have been peaceful, but the government has always used force to snatch our constitutional and legal rights, the TLP activist claimed, adding that protests are the beauty of democracy, and that government ministers “should avoid bullying”.

The spokesman also said that it was clear from the recent statement of Prime Minister Imran Khan and his cabinet that the country is being run through a one-man show.

The spokesman blamed the government for creating difficulties for the people by placing containers on roads and digging trenches. He said the TLP is a religious party with the third biggest political force in Punjab. He alleged that militants are those who staged a sit-in in Islamabad for 126 days and attacked the PTV and Parliament buildings.

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