Several injured in attack near US embassy in Tunisia’s capital

US embassy Tunis

Tunis, 06 March 2020 – Staff Reporter:

Two suicide bombers have blown themselves up outside the US embassy in Tunisia on Friday, wounding five police officers.

Embassy officials confirmed the attack in a tweet, urging people to avoid the area in the Tunisian capital’s Berges du Lac district.

The man had tried to enter the embassy but was prevented by police who guarded the diplomatic mission, police official.

Terrorists have targeted Tunisia in recent years, killing scores of people.

Last summer, terrorist group said it was behind three terrorist blasts in the capital, including one near the French embassy that killed a policeman and another that wounded five people during a security operation to detain a suspect.

Tunisia’s critical tourism sector is highly vulnerable to terrorist incidents and was devastated after two major attacks in 2015, which killed scores of visitors at a beach resort and a popular museum.

Diplomats who have worked with Tunisia on its security capacity say it has grown more effective in preventing and responding to terrorist attacks in recent years.