Record $57 million landed in Roshan Digital Accounts, PM Shehbaz

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif expressed gratitude to the overseas Pakistanis for sending record $57 million to Pakistan in one day,
He said that the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) had received the highest amount of $57 million in a single day on Tuesday.
“This is highest amount ever remitted by the Pakistanis abroad in a single day,” he added.
“With this amount coming in one day, the total money deposited in the Roshan Digital Account has exceeded $4.5 billion,” he stated.
“Our government fully supports and sponsors the Roshan Digital Account scheme,” he maintained and thanked the Pakistanis abroad for sending the record money in one day.
“Overseas Pakistanis are our precious asset whose hearts beat in love with Pakistan. Overseas Pakistanis always play a role in strengthening and improving country’s economy through foreign exchange,” he acknowledged.