Rana Sanaullah warns PTI protesters: ‘Teargas shells ready’


In an implicit warning to the PTI which is holding a public rally in Islamabad today (Saturday), Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah has made it clear that no disruptive element will be able to lay a siege of the federal capital cautioning the PTI workers that the administration will use active teargas shells this time round.
The interior minister was addressing a function held in Islamabad to pay tribute to the martyrs of police. While eulogizing the services of policemen during the PTI long march on May 25, Sanaullah said that the Islamabad police with the help of agencies sent a ‘violent gang’ to ‘hell’.
“A ‘violent gang’ launched an attack on Islamabad on May 25. But the Islamabad police, Rangers and FC officials repulsed their attack and saved the federal capital. I salute them,” Sanaullah said adding that the law enforcers did not save Islamabad, rather they saved democracy.
The interior minister rued that the ‘violent gang’ used to call his names.
“The PTI said that the administration fired expired teargas shells on the marchers on May 25. But, beware, this time we will fire active shells on them,” Sanaullah warned.
The interior minister was of the view that three years ago a flawed agreement was reached with the International Monetary Fund.
“For just $1 billion, the Fund is making us to dance to its tune” Sanaullah said adding had the right decisions been taken in the past, our economy would not have been shattered so much.
Taking a dig at Imran Khan, the minister dubbed the former premier an egoist who was not willing to listen to anyone. He said Imran Khan was pursuing politics of hatred and anarchy. He held that ‘the country would progress if we all sit together’. But, he lamented, that apart from one political party, all other parties were willing to solve country’s problems by sitting together.
Commenting on the economic condition of the country, Sanaullah said government took tough decisions to save Pakistan from economic crisis. He said the government did not want to increase petrol prices but ‘we had to take this decision to save country’. He said all political parties are striving hard to put Pakistan on right track.
On this occasion, Sanaullah paid rich tribute to the martyrs of police for their sacrifices in maintaining law and order. He said the sacrifices of martyrs could change the fate of nations.
He regretted that payment of compensation to the families of martyrs was delayed. He said Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif immediately allowed disbursement of an amount of Rs1.22 billion to the families of martyrs.
He said over 12,000 officials from Rangers, Police and Army have been martyred in war against terrorism. He said Pakistan also faced damage to its economy worth $150 billion in fight against terrorism.
He said government was constructing a 100-bed hospital for the Islamabad police. He also stated that salaries of Islamabad police were made equivalent to the emoluments of Punjab police.
He also announced to increase the ration allowance of FC officials.

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