Punjab Health Minister urges upon unity in battling against coronavirus

Islamabad, 17 March 2020, Mudasser Chudhary:

Punjab Health Minister Dr Yasmin Rashid Tuesday urged that Coronavirus pandemic issue must not be exploited for political point scoring and appealed the nation to show unity with government in its efforts to overcome the spread of Virus.

The federal and the provincial governments have already strengthened their monitoring mechanism to keep a check on the epidemic, she added.

She underlined the need for effective usage of social media and cable television to aware people about the consequences of Coronavirus.

The Punjab government has launched a comprehensive awareness campaign and people should have to follow the guidelines, she said, adding, the coronavirus affects those people who have less immunity.

“We are observing the passengers for 14 days as an incubation period of the Coronavirus adding the government is taking certain measures to ensure the safety of common masses, she mentioned.

She emphasized that every possible step is being taken to protect the citizens and reiterated that the government will continue to stand with the citizens of Punjab.

The unusual conditions require unusual steps and the people should avoid going to public places. People coming from abroad should also get them medically examined and health safety measures should be given priority to protect their families, she advised.

She said the provincial government is making sure that the kits are available at labs and isolation wards are properly functional in case of any emergency.

She said more than 250 kits are now available in Punjab and we are closely analyzing the situation emerged after Coronavirus.

We are prepared for any eventuality as the public safety cannot be put at stake, she added.

Dr Yasmin said around 100 suspected people have been tested for coronavirus in Punjab, adding, high dependency units and Isolation wards have also been made functional in different hospitals of Punjab.

She said the screening process of the zaireen returning from D.I.G Khan and other countries are underway by the officials of the Health Department in Punjab.

We are only screening the persons who have the history of travel and having symptoms of flu, temperature and cough, she added.

Replying to a question, Dr Yasmeen said, “If you do not have a travel history or the person who came into contact with you does not have a travel history, then please don’t go for testing adding these tests are not to clear doubts.

They are for genuine cases only,” she said.