December 8, 2023

Problems faced by Pakistan today have roots in PPP, PMLN tenures: Neelum Toru


Peshawar – Press Release:

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Women Wing Central Vice President (CVP) Khyber Pakhtunkwa (KP) and Chairperson of Panahgah Welfare Board Neelum Khan Toru said that problems faced by Pakistan today have their roots in multiple tenures of PPP and PMLN and government of PTI is the first government in decades with the mandate of breaking the vicious status quo in politics of Pakistan. Chairperson Panahgah Welfare Board saif that one by one PTI is successfully rooting out the old evils of nepotism and corruption embedded in system of Pakistan. She said that federal and provincial government of PTI are committed to resolve the social issues on priority basis, for instance 2 years of PTI’s government in Punjab led to creation of social security hospitals in Lahore, Qasur, Bahawalpur, DG Khan, Rahim Yar Khan, Multan, Sargodha and 7 other districts of Punjab. She said that this setup of social security hospitals will provide the annual relief of around Rs. 500 million to workers in industrial sector, meanwhile industries will also get a relief of around Rs. 5.5 billion. She added that on the parallel PTI is continuing its fight with land mafias of Punjab and freed around 1250 acres of land worth Rs. 31 billion and returned to the custody of Punjab government. She further said Prime Minister Imran Khan is fully aware of the energy crisis brewed due to negligance of previous governments and is supervising the energy plans. She said that Mohmand Dam project is being completed at a rapid pace and will add around 800 Mega Watt to the national grid upon completion. She condemned the defaming tactics of opposition saying that findings of Panama Papers and Broad Sheet respectively have only seconded what Prime Minister Imran Khan had been saying for years. She went on to say that Pakistan is reaping success after success on economic front as remittances from overseas Pakistanis reached $2.4 billion which means consecutive 6 months of more than $2 billion remittances, making $14.2 billion for 6 months of this fiscal year which indicates a 24.9% growth over the last year. Neelum Khan said that it is the best opportunity for us as a nation because now we have the leader, the will and the potential to change. She said that opposition front is deemed to fail despite the desperate efforts to get NRO. She said that Prime Minister Imran Khan has the confidence of people and he is determined to change the fate of Pakistan.

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