President stresses for precautionary measures to contain outbreak of Coronavirus


PESHAWAR, 28 February 2020 – Staff Reporter:

President Dr. Arif Alvi on Friday underlined the need to make collective efforts for taking precautionary measures to contain outbreak of Coronavirus virus which had crept into more than 51 countries of the world.

Addressing the 36th International Gastroenterology Conference organized by Pakistan Society of Gastroenterology KP Chapter, he said “Multiple segments including doctors, and media could raise awareness and educate masses about precautionary measures against the corona virus”.

He said prayer leaders could specifically use Minbars (pulpits) of mosques as social intervention in light of Islamic tenets which laid great emphasis on hygiene and cleanliness in the society.

He said that there was no need to be panic since things were under control, adding the Ministry of Health had so far reported only two cases of corona virus.

He said that social etiquettes like covering mouth with hands or protective mask while coughing was already imbibed in the culture.

He said the Last Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) was a sublime role model for providing guidance to the entire humanity in multiple aspects of life.

“Being Muslim, we have ablution for five times a day, cleansing mouth and hands which is also a recommended practice among medical precautionary measures”, he added.

He said one should not be shy of wearing protective mask for being termed timid, adding using protection was noble dead like Sadqa Jaria to protect other individuals from being infected with the corona virus.

Similarly, he urged people to avoid social gathering with symptoms of cough, influenza or shortness of breath, adding such precedents could be traced in the Islamic history.

He said several countries had already adopted strict precautionary measures like Iran imposing ban on Friday congregation and Saudi Arabia restricting entry of Zaireen of Umra.

The President had a practical demonstration on the occasion by showing soap and protective mask to participants to use them as precautionary measures against the possible spread of corona virus.

He also appreciated college of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan for their outstanding performance in the field of medical sciences and hailed that MRCP exams, which were used to be held in UK, would now be conducted in Pakistan.