September 24, 2023

PML-N supporter brings lion cub to Wazirabad rally, violates law


Wazirabad- Staff Reporter:

Supporters from across Pakistan are converging at Wazirabad’s Katcheri Road for the rally. Maryam Nawaz, the party vice-president, is expected to address it.

During the rally, a supporter made an announcement that people will be able to meet a real lion. He then brought a lion cub in a lash. The cub got scared after seeing the people and it was taken inside the supporter’s car.

Whenever a wild animal is reported in a public place, then the Punjab officers have the right to confiscate it, explained a wildlife officer. The owners are required to show the permit issued to them for keeping the animal.

In most cases, the owners are fined. While there is no set fine for the violation, the owners are sometimes fined between Rs70,000 to Rs100,000 for lions and tigers, he explained.

On December 13, 2020 a lion was brought to Lahore for the PDM’s rally by a PML-N supporter. The owner, Imdad Haider, and four other people were fined Rs80,000 under the wildlife act.

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