December 8, 2023

PML-N still prominent political party of Pakistan: Isphanyar


Press Release – Rawalpindi:

Pakistan Muslim League (N) conducted a workers’ convention in Rawalpindi in which workers participated from Rawalpindi and other district.

An important and significant aspect of this Workers’ Convention was the full participation of representatives of minority communities. Leading members of the party including Shahbaz Sharif, Khawaja Asif and Hanif Abbasi addressed the workers convention.

Addressing the Workers Convention, the top leadership of the party highlighted the importance of discipline and unity within the party and reiterated that the party is united and organized at all levels and will continue to work and struggle for the vision of Mian Nawaz Sharif.

Isphanyar Bhandara, a key senior leader from the PML-N’s minority community, who has also represented the party in the National Assembly, responded to Shahbaz Sharif’s call to rise up against inflation and to save the people from the curse of inflation, extended his complete support to the protest against the increasing inflation.

He spoke in support of the PML-N and said that the PML-N could not show the way out to the people. PML-N was popular yesterday and is still the most popular federal political party today with its roots in the people’s hearts and whose leadership resides in the hearts of the people.

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