September 24, 2023

PML-N central leader Sardar Yousuf met Chaudhry Samar Siraj


PML-N central leader former Federal Religious Affairs and current MPA Sardar Yousuf, former MPA KP Mian Zia-ur-Rehman met well known political and social leader and chairman Samar Foundation Chaudhry Samar Siraj at his residence. He paid homage to Chaudhry Samar Siraj for his social services and welcomed his decision to enter politics. He said that with the entry of such people into politics, Azad Kashmir region would be on the path of development. Samar Siraj has all the qualities that a good politician should have. Chaudhry Samar Siraj will spread the voice of the people of Neelam Valley all over the world and will play an important role in making Azad Kashmir a business model. Samar Siraj said that the purpose of my life is to serve ALLAH’s people and for this I will continue this process as long as Allah gives me courage. The purpose of coming into practical politics is to raise voice for the rights of the people of Neelam Valley I will fight for their rights to the last drop of blood.

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