PM reminds int’l community to act over India’s designs to implement Hindutva’s ideology

ISLAMABAD, Feb 26 – Staff reporter: Prime Minister Imran Khan Wednesday urged the international community to intervene and stop India, which by following the racist and supremacist ideology of “Hindutva” had, what he feared, taken the road of self-destruction.

“What we saw in New Delhi last night is just the beginning,” he said during a ceremony held here to commemorate the first anniversary of Pakistan’s responsible and resolute response to Indian aggression of February 26 last year.

The prime minister expressed his pride over the way the armed forces, the whole nation and its political leadership on both sides of the aisle in the parliament responded in the aftermath of Pulwama incident.

“It shows signs of a mature nation, which was put to a crisis and the way it emerged out of the critical situation. The whole world acknowledged it,” he added.

He said the situation could aggravate after the Indian aggression of Feb 26 last year, but the armed forces and the nation showed ‘grace under maturity’.

Members of the federal cabinet, parliamentarians, services chiefs, members of diplomatic corps and media representatives attended the ceremony.

The prime minister said they knew that India would show aggression after the Pulwama incident, but the country and its armed forces were ready to response.

Even, the Pakistan Air Force and Navy, he said, had locked the Indian targets during the three-day standoff in February last, but they restrained. Even the captured Indian pilot was returned back as a goodwill gesture, he added.

The prime minister said in that scenario, he had strong confidence in Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa, air and naval chiefs, and in the professionalism and capability of the armed forces.

The Pakistan armed forces had been the battle hardened as they had fought the world’s toughest fight against terrorism, he added.

Imran Khan also appreciated the local media for showing a mature approach to the crises, which was in sharp contrast to the behaviour of Indian media whipping a war hysteria.

The whole political leadership of the country despite their differences was on the same page, he added.

Dilating upon the recent situation in the neighbouring country, the prime minister said India had put itself in the precarious condition by implementing the fascist, racist and totalitarianism ideology under the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) driven government, which also put the regional peace into peril.

When such philosophy based upon supremacy of race was built upon hatred, it always led to bloodshed as the world witnessed in Rwanda, South Africa, Myanmar and Bosina, he added.

The prime minister said it was the Hindutva philosophy under which eight million Kashmiris in the Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir had been put into complete lockdown.

The two pieces of controversial legislation over the Indian citizenship, he said, had also directly affected 200 million Muslims, besides further marginalizing all minorities which entailed serious consequences for the whole global community.

He said when he first explained such an alarming situation to the world leaders, no one realized, due to the image of India as a country with pluralism and secularism ideology.

The prime minister also paid tribute to Founder of Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah for his far-sightedness who had realized the designs of Hindus.

He said the two sets of controversial legislation like the Indian citizenship law could not be perceived in the modern world, which was also based upon blatant human rights violations.
The situation in which the gangs of RSS directly under the influence of Nazis were out in

Delhi to target Muslims would get worst, he said, and urged the international community to take notice as it would affect the whole world.

The prime minister, to the recent visit of US President to India, said Donald Trump had praised Pakistan for its role for the regional peace, which was reflection of the country’s standing in the world community.

He also shared his regret in the manner the historical facts were being distorted in India about the Muslim rulers.

Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi, in his remarks, warned that the Indian leadership was stirring domestic racist and supremacist sentiments with political dimensions.

Referring to the February 26, 2019 response by Pakistan, he said he wanted to give a clear message that the country had the resolve and capability to act immediately to any misadventure.

The foreign minister said Pakistan wanted to live peacefully with its belligerent neighbour India and the resolution of Kashmir dispute was crucial in that regard. He further warned that unilateralism had always been very dangerous.

Calling upon the world community, he said it should be taken into consideration who had suspended the dialogue process, and who took unilateral and illegal steps on August 5 last year over the internationally recognized dispute.

The minister said the United Nations Secretary General had very candidly negated the Indian stance over Kashmir as being an internal affair.

Qureshi said the two reports of UNHCR could not be ignored, besides others of the European Union and All-Party Parliamentary Groups in the British Parliament.

He said the Pakistani nation and Kashmiris would never accept the illegal steps taken by the Indian government on Aug 5 last.

The minister said a peaceful neighbourhood was their need and it was their desire. Now, there was a regional and global convergence over the resolution of Afghan issue through dialogue, which had been persistently articulated by the prime minister that military was no solution to such issues.

Qureshi said they were looking forward for all inclusive intra-Afghan dialogue after the signing of the peace deal in Doha on February 29.

He also expressed his pride over the role and preparedness of the armed forces, and said the whole nation was proud of their sacrifices.

Kashmir Committee Chairman Syed Fakhar Imam, in his speech, said that troika of Modi, Amit and Doval had been based upon narrow mindedness, belligerence and Hindu racist supremacy.

He said the UN and the international community had been expressing their grave concerns over India’s human rights violations, and the unilateral and illegal steps in the Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir and Kashmir.

During the ceremony, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, the internationally famed artist, presented a soulful national song while a documentary depicting the three-day standoff between Pakistan and India was also screened.