PM receives appreciation by manipulating statistics: Bilawal Bhutto


Islamabad – Staff Reporter:

Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said on Wednesday that the low income class is Prime Minister Imran Khan’s target in upcoming 2021 budget.

“The PTI government intends to put economic burden on the low income class,” said the PPP chairperson adding that the PPP will defend the public against PTI’s propaganda to crush them economically in the budget.

“The inflation rate has spiked by 20% in the country. If the salaried class is further entangled in taxes, it will be the biggest injustice against them,” he added.

“Imran Khan’s scheme to collect taxes from the poor proves his hostility towards the public,” said Bilawal Bhutto in his statement.

The PPP chairman further said that the PTI govt replaced the finance secretary a few days before the budget in order to present its economic failures as economic prosperity.

“Imran Khan can receive appreciation from his fans by manipulating the statistics regarding the economic progress but the public will not be fooled by these tactics,” said Bilawal adding that the public will never forgive the PTI govt for committing economic crimes one after other by presenting the most failed budgets of the history.

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