Pakistan, India agree to revive committee on prisoners


Pakistan and India on Monday agreed to restore a committee on each other’s prisoners.
Diplomatic sources said the committee would include four retired judges from both the countries, adding that India had proposed to reinstate the committee of retired judges in December last year.
Diplomatic sources said that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) has also consulted with other concerned ministries and departments in this regard.
Sources said that the recommendations of the DG South Asia and his Indian counterpart played a key role in reviving the Pakistan-India Committee of retired judges.
Diplomatic sources said the two countries would soon present the names of their four retired judges to the committee.
Diplomatic sources said that in addition to the four retired judges, teams of medical experts would be formed after the rehabilitation.
Diplomatic sources said that medical teams from both countries would visit each other’s countries to assess the medical health and condition of prisoners in each other’s country.
Diplomatic sources said that Pakistan and India were finalizing the details of the medical teams’ visits to each other’s countries.
Diplomatic sources said a committee of retired Pakistan-India judges would review the welfare of prisoners in the two countries’ jails.
Diplomatic sources said the committee would recommend better medical care to prisoners in Pakistan and India who have forgotten their identities, are in inhumane conditions and suffer from mental and psychological problems.
Diplomatic sources said the committee would recommend the early return of prisoners who crossed the border by mistake.
Diplomatic sources said the committee would take steps to repatriate prisoners who have completed their terms in both countries.
Diplomatic sources said that after the resumption of the committee, medical teams of medical experts from both countries would also be allowed to visit each other’s jails.
Diplomatic sources said that the Pak-India High Commissioners have also met in Canada.
Diplomatic sources said that initial contacts have also taken place between the two countries regarding the resumption of the Pak-India trade.

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