PAK-US business Council wows bilateral trade between both countries


Staff Reporter – ISLAMABAD:

General Secretary of Pak- America Council Sam Ibrar Khan said that they will be organizing an international conference in America with the aim to enhance Pakistan’s export besides promoting the rich and diverse culture of the country.

Central General Secretary of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Inaf US Chapter and one of the founding member of Pak-America Council Sam Ibrar Khan unfolded the plan conference to be launched with the nomenclature Çonnect Pakistan’ here at meet the press programme of National Press Club on Wednesday.

Sam Ibrar Khan said that the council was serving the cause of Overseas Pakistanis for well over a decade and besides resolving their issues also providing them with a platform to become a coherent force.

He informed that be it earthquake or any other calamity or disaster back home the Overseas Pakistanis always remained on forefront to help their brethren. He said that in the corona pandemic Pak-America Council had supported some 13000 families and met their food needs.

Sam Ibrar Khan said that following the launch of Connect Pakistan Conference they would also be launching a portal to make it an international body where the Overseas Pakistanis from all over the globe would be connected to it and they would launched programmes for the welfare of the people back home.

To a question he informed that the Connect Pakistan Protal would be launched in August-September this year. “We will also be launching a plan to provide education as well as technical training to Pakistani youth under the Connect Pakistan programme,”adding, “there is no dearth of talent in Pakistan and all what we need is to hunt and polish it so that they can play their due role in the development of the country.”

He also sought the help of media so that they could effectively launched projects for the welfare of the people of Pakistan and to lift up the poor and down trodden segments of society.

He also referred to a number of projects under way in different parts of the country including Lahore and some other cities where they were working on educating youth on various short-term IT projects.

Earlier welcoming Sam Ibrar President of National Press Club Anwar Raza said that Overseas Pakistanis are backbone of country’s economy and stressed the need of facilitating them as wherever they are living their hearts throb with the people back home and their contribution toward the national economy is enormous.

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