October 3, 2023

Opposition to boycott in camera session of national security body


Staff Reporter – Islamabad:

The united Opposition on Thursday has decided to boycott the in camera briefing by the National Security Committee of the Parliament.

In a statement, the opposition parties said that the government had informed about the in camera briefing in the parliament’s National Security Committee session.

National Security Adviser Moeed Yusuf will give briefing in a closed door session of the parliamentary committee on December 06, according to the statement.

“The opposition has taken the boycott decision after the government’s bulldozing of the key legislative bills in the joint session.”

“The opposition parties have earlier demonstrated a responsible behaviour over the constitution and public interest issues”, according to the statement. “Despite absence of the Leader of the House, opposition have attended briefings, and sessions and leaders of the joint opposition and parliamentary leaders have given their proposals and preferred public interest in this disputed period”.

“Regretfully, the government is using the parliament as a rubber stamp. The opposition deems that key national and public matter issues not being presented in the parliament,” opposition parties stated.

“The Parliament is being ignored and the government is running matters with in camera briefings.” “In fact, the government has practically boycotted the parliament,” according to the opposition.

“In such conditions, an in camera briefing will only initiate a new farce. The joint opposition deems the National Security Adviser only a showy character,” opposition said.

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