NSC briefed on talks with proscribed TTP

<<Talks with TTP to be under constitution, says Sana>>

The National Security Committee (NSC) has deliberated upon dialogue with TTP and Pak-Afghan border situation and measures to maintain peace,
civil and military leadership attended the meeting presided over by PM Shehbaz Sharif. A statement issued by the PMO said that institutions overseeing the national security briefed participants on overall security situation of the country.
It added participants were informed that Pakistan played a responsible and positive role in peace in Afghanistan.
statement continued: “The meeting was told that Pakistan will continue its constructive role for peace and stability in Afghanistan. It also hoped that Afghanistan’s soil would not be used against Pakistan.
“Islamabad has fought terrorism to bring back peace to the country, which was also appreciated by the irnational community.
meeting was also apprised in detail about the negotiations with the TTP. It was given a briefing on the timeline of the talks — from the day they began and what has transpired till now.
statement added that meeting was told that Afghan government is playing a mediator’s role in the talks with TTP and the negotiations are underway with a delegation that has members from civil and military leadership.
“The talks are in line with constitution and the final decision will be made under the constitution and approval from parliament,” statement said.
political leadership, according to the statement, expressed satisfaction over the strategy to deal with the anti-peace attempt.
The political leadership expressed satisfaction over the strategy and progress made for the purpose.
Briefing the media, Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah said PM Shehbaz Sharif will take the parliamentarians into confidence in an in-camera session of the parliament soon.
Peace talks will be held under the constitution, Rana Sanaullah said, adding that the Prime Minister will take the House into confidence on the talks.
Reacting to ex-PM Imran Khan’s remarks about reforms in the accountability law, Rana Sanaullah said the NAB law has been amended as per spirit of Criminal Procedure Code, reducing the remand period from 90 to 14 days.
He said all citizens, including front men of Imran Khan, will get benefit from these amendments. He said Imran Khan is trying to mislead the nation regarding reforms in NAB law to build a new narrative.