September 27, 2023

Nation stands by PM Imran Khan and will continue to support him: CM Buzdar


Staff Reporter – Lahore:

Chief Minister Punjab Sardar Usman Buzdar remained active on political front even today. More than 30 National and Provincial Assembly Members including Provincial Ministers held separate meetings with CM at CMO today. Those meeting the Chief Minister included Hum Khayal group, Tareen group, Aleem group and Assembly members of PML-N. Provincial Ministers along with members of National and Provincial assembly expressed their complete trust in the leadership of PM Imran Khan and CM Usman Buzdar. Usman Buzdar while talking on this occasion vowed that we were standing by the PM Imran Khan yesterday, are standing by him today and will continue to stand by him in future as well. Opposition cannot compete with PM Imran Khan even after uniting together, he stressed. He maintained that PM Imran Khan has made the nation learn to live with respect and self-esteem. He stated that no-confidence move is a number game and PTI enjoys clear majority in this regard. He asserted that PTI government will complete its tenure no matter how much opposition indulges into conspiracies against it. He stated that the opposition is desperately inpatient to attain power and will continue to face desperation in this regard. He vowed that we will not allow the strengthening economy to be put at the mercy of the negative politics of corrupt gang of politicians. CM maintained that politics is to serve the masses instead indulging into conspiracies. He highlighted that PTI government displayed such a distinctive performance which the previous governments could not provide in the past 30 years. He outlined that the assembly members are my colleagues and they are standing by me. He highlighted that he worked day and night to serve the masses and assembly members fully supported him. He disclosed that PTI government allocated historical Development Programme and District Development Package for the Punjab province. He deplored that opposition in order to conceal their failures is trying to create political chaos in the country. He vowed that with the help of masses we will foil every conspiracy of the opposition. CM underscored that he believes in adopting gentle and courteous norms in politics. Opposition has no plan to ensure welfare of the masses, he added. He asserted that elements opposed to progress cannot mislead the masses by means of their false propaganda. He believed that every effort on the part of the opposition to create political anarchy in the country will meet with failure adding that the journey of progress under the dynamic leadership of PM Imran Khan will continue. The long march of PDM is a futile activity and the country cannot afford political confrontation in the given global situation, he stated. He said that those trying to create political chaos and anarchy in the country will face embarrassment and humiliation He denounced that opposition is launching marching in order to save their ill-gotten money made from corruption. He stated that the opposition cannot comprehend the political vision of PM Imran Khan. Opposition is destined to wail and cry and continue to do so in future as well. CM said that getting progress and prosperity is due right of the people of every city. He stated that PTI government has given District Development Package to ensure equal progress of every area. He intimated that PTI government has laid solid foundation to ensure equal progress of every area by allocating District Development Package amounting to rupees 360 billion. He emphasised that PTI government did not indulge into victimization activities against anyone nor will do so. CM categorically remarked that no-trust motion against the opposition has already been done with the holding of historic public meetings by PM Imran Khan. He stated that the negative politics of the opposition has gone into quarantine on account of doing public welfare politics by PM Imran Khan. He stressed that the dreams of opposition will never be fulfilled and we will not allow anyone to create hurdles in the course of rendering public service. Parliamentarians while talking with CM remarked that they fully trust in the leadership of PM Imran Khan and CM Usman Buzdar. Those who met the CM included Provincial Ministers Muhammad Akhlaq, Rashid Hafeez, Malik Muhammad Anwar, Shaukat Lalika, Muhammad Sabtain Khan, Dr. Muhammad Akhtar Malik, Hafiz Mumtaz Ahmed, members national assembly Muhammad Sana Ullah Khan Mastikhel, Syed Faiz ul Hassan, Sahibzada Muhammad Mahboob Sultan, Mehr Ghulam Muhammad Lali, members Punjab assembly Ghazanfar Abbas Cheena, Muhammad Ghayas ud Din, Saleem Bibi Bharwana, Taimoor Lali, Rana Shahbaz Ahmed, Umer Farooq, Mian Fida Hussain Wattoo, Ch. Sajid Mahmood, Javed Kausar and others. Political situation came under consideration in the meeting and the resolve to counter no-trust move was reiterated by the participants. Matters pertaining to progress on the ongoing development projects in the constituencies also came under discussion during the meeting. MPA/Chief whip Punjab assembly Syed Abbas Ali Shah was also present on this occasion.

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