Maryam urges GB people to protect their vote from being stolen


GILGIT – Staff Reporter:

The Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) Vice-President Maryam Nawaz on Sunday urged the people of Gilgit-Baltistan to vote for her party for development in the region, protect the vote and prevent it from being stolen.

Addressing a public gathering in Jaglut, Maryam Nawaz said, “Vote for PML-N if you want to see development in GB.”

The PML-N leader maintained that her party carried out record development project in the region and added that she saw many of them while travelling to Jaglut. Earlier on Sunday, Maryam had finally arrived in GB after being forced to fly back to Islamabad on Saturday due to a landslide.

The PML-N VP stayed in the federal capital for the night and left for Gilgit on Sunday morning along with senior party leaders, including former Sindh governor Muhammad Zubair, Pervaiz Rashid, Ahsan Iqbal and party spokesperson Marriyum Aurangzeb.

Maryam has started her election campaign in GB amidst mutiny from the PML-N party members. She said during an address in Skardu that there is no place for ‘turncoats’ in the PML-N and vowed to place them at their right place. “I have heard that out of our 16 candidates, eight or nine have changed their loyalties. Remember this when you go out to vote, that those who cannot endure pressure, will never stand for the public’s rights,” she added. Maryam alleged that rigging is taking place even before the GB elections.

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