Maryam mocks corruption ‘jihad’


Lahore – Staff Reporter:

PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz has fired a broadside at the ruling PTI, saying that the claimants of the state of Madina may have forgotten that if it were in fact the state of Madina, they would have by now met a fearsome end.

In a series of tweets, Maryam questioned, “You call flour theft, sugar theft, gas theft, vote theft, inflation tide, your incompetence and ineptness, jihad?”

In another tweet, she said, “You (Prime Minister Imran Khan) don’t get up in the morning and go for jihad, you go to rob the people, you go to snatch bread from the mouths of the poor and medicine from the sick, you go to break the backs of the people with [heavy] electricity and gas bills, you go to oppress the oppressed and you call it jihad?

“A fatwa should be issued against you for killing 22 crore people alive and calling it jihad.”

She said the prime minister should go out of his 300-kanal palace in Bani Gala and “see how people are cursing you”.

Responding to a recent interview of Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed, in which he had claimed that Premier Imran had refused to give permission to Maryam, daughter of former PM Nawaz Sharif, to fly abroad, Maryam wrote that who had asked them to take her name off the Exit Control List.

“If they want to create a drama to force me out, then listen that I am not going anywhere and it will be a sin to even think of making such a request to this fake and vote-robbing prime minister.

“Keep your ECL and your permission with you, instead, keep it safe because you will need it soon for yourself.”

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