ITP issues 6, 53,556 fine tickets worth Rs. 176.8 during 2019

ISLAMABAD: (Ch Mudassar Iqbal) Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP) issued 6, 53,556 fine tickets worth Rs. 17, 68, 54,600 to road users on violation of traffic rules during the year 2019, a police spokesman said.

According to the details, 27,007 vehicles were fined for having fancy (non-pattern) number plates while 66,697 fine tickets were issued to motorists for not fastening seat belts, 15,150 for using mobile phones during driving, 1351 for under-age driving and 88,394 motorcyclists for riding on bikes without helmets.

Similarly, 32,091 tickets were issued over lane violation, 10,194 over wrong parking, 1,09,247 for careless driving, 1,455 for having defective lights, 25,652 for hampering traffic, 7,160 for driving on wrong sides, 5,264 for driving without registration, 8,241 for driving without license, 563 for misbehaving with passengers, 22,841 for obstructing smooth flow of traffic, 56,324 for over-loading, 3,257 for over-speeding, 3,543 for parking at bus stops, 741 for parking on zebra crossing, 1,427 for having pressure horns, 3,979 for negligence during drive, 10,315 for route violation, 5,105 for driving without route permits, 21,637 over violation of traffic signals, 12,595 for having tinted glasses on vehicles, 23,879 for taking turn from wrong side, 5,220 for using high beam lights and 99,809 over violation of miscellaneous nature.

ITP’s personnel also fined 552 VIPs during the current year including parliamentarians, diplomats and bureaucrats.

The VIPs fined during the ongoing year included 36 MNAs/MPAs, 239 government officers, 58 foreign diplomats, 116 army officials, six judiciary officers, 38 journalists and 59 police officers among others.

While reviewing this report, SSP (Traffic) Farrukh Rasheed has appreciated it and said that vigorous campaign of ITP was launched as per directions of IGP Islamabad Muhammad Aamir Zulfiqar to create awareness among citizens about traffic rules.

The focus areas of this campaign was elimination of tinted glasses from vehicles, use of non-pattern number plates and curbing practice of over-speeding as well as lane violation, driving motorbikes without helmets, silencers as well as one-wheeling.

He said that ITP is taking action against those using un- authorized number plates or LED lights on their vehicles and special squads have been constituted to check this practice.

As per directions of IGP Islamabad Muhammad Aamir Zulfiqar, he said that ITP personnel has been directed to ensure implementation on traffic rules and regulation irrespective of status and rank and demonstrate patience and politeness while issuing traffic violation tickets to the road users.

He said that ITP is utilizing all available resources to facilitate the general public. He has appealed the citizens to follow rules and use number plates issued by Excise and Taxation Office.

The personnel of the force issue traffic violation tickets not as a punitive measure but the purpose is to ensure safe road environment in the Capital and secure the lives of the people, the SSP (Traffic) maintained