International Conference on Non-Communicable Diseases to be held in November in Lahore

Islamabad: (Ch Mudassar iqbal) The Pakistan Nutrition & Dietetic Society (PNDS), in collaboration with The Nutrition Society UK & Ireland, is organizing the 1ST PNDS International Conference on Non-Communicable Diseases from November 1-3 at the Avari Hotel in Lahore. Experts and practitioners from Pakistan and global organizations are expected to attend and read scientific papers to spread knowledge and create awareness regarding the burden and prevention of non-communicable diseases in the county.

The theme for the conference is “4 x 4 Four NCDs and Four Modifiable Shared Risk Factors”. The scientific program will feature speakers from UK and Pakistan, covering a wide program of subject areas across the spectrum of chronic diseases and shared risk factors in plenary and parallel session formats. A range of other sessions, such as workshops, special “Hot Topic” presentations, panel debates and dedicated sessions hosted by related organizations will be held.

This multidisciplinary conference is expected to be attended by a high-level of representation/participation from academic, non-academic medical, health and allied health professionals, provincial, federal government agencies, local and international NGOs and consultants, including specialist health-sector writers from national media houses.

Dr. Romaina Iqbal of the AKU and Chairperson of the Scientific Committee, says, “Non-communicable diseases (NCD) are a major cause of poverty, a barrier to economic development, and a serious threat to achievements of the Millennium Development Goals, and therefore it is necessary that the awareness of NCD is spread from federal and provincial governments to practitioners and more importantly, to the general public at large.”

Prof Julie Lovegrove, President, Nutrition Society UK & Ireland writes, “I am pleased to know that the Pakistan Nutrition & Dietetic Society (PNDS) is organizing its first conference on non-communicable diseases in Lahore and I look forward to participating in the deliberations. It is an excellent initiative by the PNDS to further the knowledge and awareness of human health research, and therefore, The Nutrition Society UK & Ireland looks forward to working closely with experts in Pakistan with the aim of achieving a common voice in evidence-based nutritional science.”

President PNDS, Ms. Fayza Khan says “This Conference invites participants from various disciplines to present their recent research findings, to share knowledge and exchange ideas. This event will provide an excellent opportunity for all stake holders, govt. & non-governmental organizations, food & nutraceutical industry and the commercial sector to support this conference as it is hoping that resultant joint recommendations of the professional Nutrition and Dietetic Society and the Health Sector will be imperative to devise policies for tackling the disease burden of NCDs and improve the quality of life of the people of Pakistan.”

The 3-day conference will kick-off with three dedicated workshops on Diabetes Training, Digital/E-Health and Briefing for Health Journalists. These workshops will be followed by the Inaugural Ceremony on the opening day which will include a Keynote by Prof. Julie Lovegrove, President, Nutrition Society UK, and a Plenary by Dr. Romaina Iqbal of the Aga Khan University Hospital, respectively.

Day two will begin with a Plenary Session on Funding and Research Grants, by Prof. Nicola M. Lowie followed by a Panel Discussion on ‘How to Prevent and Control NCDs in Pakistan’. Post lunch, two parallel breakout sessions will be held simultaneously on Diabetes and Cancer, chaired by Dr. Salma Badruddin and Dr. Rezzan Khan, respectively. Scientific papers will be read and presented by eminent practitioners. The day will end will a session on “Obesity Management Approaches” by Ms. Mozamila Mughal & a Physical Fitness Trainer.

Day three will begin with a Breakfast Session on Career Counselling for Nutrition and Dietetic Students and Fresh Graduates, followed by two parallel breakout sessions on CVD chaired by Dr. Jawed Akram and Lung/COPD. A discussion session on “Role of Nutritionists & Dietitians in the Prevention & Control of NCDs (Obesity, DM, CVD and Cancer) will be held after the breakout sessions. After lunch, two breakout sessions “Role of Nutraceuticals, Food Quality Control and NCDs” chaired by DG-Health PFA and “Nutrition Epidemiology & Public Health” chaired by Dr. Khalid Iqbal from Khyber Medical University will be held, followed by a Q&A session on ‘Public Awareness of NCDs in Pakistan”.

Following the tea-break, a workshop on “Research Methodologies” and “Session open for public & health and Dietetic Experts will respond to Question related to NCD prevention” will conclude the three-day scientific sessions before the closing ceremony of the conference. Professor Ghazala Pervez Zaman is the Organizing Committee Chair of the Conference & Dr.Salma H.Badruddin is the Parton-In-Chief.

The University of Health Sciences (UHS), Pakistan Cardiac Society (PCS), Pakistan Chest Society, Pakistan Society of Internal Medicine (PSIM), University of Home Economics, Lahore & University of Agriculture FSD, Dow University of Health Sciences & UNICEF are official collaborators & supporters of the international moot.

About Pakistan Nutrition & Dietetic Society (PNDS)

PNDS is a National Professional Society that aims to develop and strengthen the profession of Nutrition and Dietetics and targets to achieve this through education, training and research in order to promote nutritional well-being of Pakistani Population. PNDS was established in 2003 and having more than 1000 Members from its four functional chapters in Lahore, Islamabad, Faisalabad & KPK. PNDS is a member of Asian Federation of Dietetic Association (AFDA) & represent Pakistan at ICDA (International Confederation of Dietetic Association) and affiliated with American Nutrition Society & The Nutrition Society UK as collaborative partner. PNDS has been involved in a number of professional development activities for its members as well as for public awareness about the role of nutrition in health promotion and diseases prevention/ management for years.