Hashmi’s ‘Naseem e Sehar’ Published

ISLAMABAD: The promising young writer, scholar, poet, and a gifted columnist Farzand Ali Sarwar Hashmi has burst into the literary horizon with his maiden book ‘Naseem e Sehar’, which has been published under the banner of Taryaq Publishers. Primarily based on the life and works of a renowned literary figure Naseem e Sehar, the book critically and scholastically analyzes each and every aspect in detail and deeply penetrates into his struggles which hitherto remained unknown to many. The basic focus and theme was to cover from all angles the literary services of Naseem e Sehar which he rendered over the years, and made a cliché for himself.  Not only his strong grip on multiple shades and imaginations of poetry has been highlighted, but also the author has taken great care to bring forth his writings based on fiction, which are equally emphatic with multiple subjects. Hashmi has devoted the entire second chapter on the shinning literary traditions of Rawalpindi, and has stressed upon the fact that this region has always been rich in passion and character when it comes to holding literary circles. While praising the sublime work of Hashmi, his supervisor Dr. Zahid Hassan Chugtai said that he has done an immortal work, and this research will become a beacon of light for many a students and scholar alike. Whenever the traditions, civilizations and cultural norms of Rawal Dais (Rawalpindi) be discussed, this work of monumental importance will ultimately become a ‘resource reference’, he added. On the flap, the critical views of Khawar Ijaz, a renowned critic, further cements the significance and efficacy of this book. It is hoped that the literary circles across the country will embrace this maiden book of Hashmi with encouraging remarks as it will make some waves to remember for times to come adding different colors to knowledge and research.

Reported by: Muhammad Talha Akhtar