ECP issues code of conduct for March 3 Senate elections


Islamabad – Staff Reporter:

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) on Friday issued the code of conduct for the forthcoming Senate elections on March 3.

The conduct for political parties, candidates, election agents, and polling agents was issued following a consultation with the parties, the electoral authority said.

According to the code, the president of Pakistan and the governors won’t take part in the campaign for the polls or use their residences for the purpose.

Political parties and the candidates will abide by the rules set for peaceful and organised polls. “No one will be allowed to speak against the state, its sovereignty, stability, or interest.”

The concerned will also have to abstain from issuing statements that could harm the independent status of the judiciary, Parliament, or the military.

The authority further restrained the concerned from any propaganda against Islam or the ideology of Pakistan. “All parties and the candidates will abstain from causing any harm to ECP’s stature.”

The communique added that those participating shall follow the directions issued from time to time, and avoid becoming part of any illegal or corrupt activity.

“The candidates and their supporters may not seek or accept help of any sort from any official,” ECP said and added, “no official shall promote a candidate nor impede the electoral process.”

“The voters will not carry a cell phone or any other device that could capture an image of the ballot inside a polling station.”

The code also made it mandatory for the candidates to use specific accounts in the designated banks for the electoral expenditure. “All candidates shall submit the details of the expenses to the returning officers.

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