October 3, 2023

Criticism pours in on police action to contain PTI’s Azadi March


Treatment meted out to PTI leader Yasmin Rashid invites particularly strong uproar and condemnation.

Condemnation followed from all sections of society on Wednesday’s police actions to contain and impede the PTI’s long march to Islamabad.

Tensions in Punjab rose after police made use of tear gas and arrested several PTI marchers in cities across the province as supporters attempted to remove shipping containers blocking routes to Islamabad. The police also baton-charged protesters near Lahore’s Aiwan-e-Adal. Clashes between the police and protesters were also reported in other areas of Lahore such as Islampura, Karim Park, Mohni road and Badami Bagh.

Senior journalist Mazhar Abbas noted the government had hurt itself through the use of force.

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