December 1, 2023

Coalition govt’s wrong policies behind current economic turmoil: Imran


Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan Tuesday announced to stage protests in major cities of the country.
Addressing a news conference in Islamabad, Imran Khan also said that PTI will stage a historic gathering at the Parade Ground on Saturday evening.
Imran Khan appealed to the nation to fully participate in the protests, adding that in a democracy, it is a right to protest peacefully, adding all the development of Shehbaz Sharif has been in advertisements.
The PTI chairman said inflation has taken over the country due to the wrong policies of the PML-N-led coalition government. The people of the country are protesting against record inflation and increasing loadshedding problems and the government using force against peaceful protestors.
The former premier went on to say that Shaukat Tarin told the neutrals that the country would have to pay a heavy price for political instability.
Imran Khan said he knew that the country would not be taken care of by these people, adding the coalition government has given themselves NRO by ending the corruption cases of Rs1100b.
He said that the people are angry because they want to ask that what the reason behind the sky-rocketing inflation is.
Imran Khan said that even the International Monetary Fund (IMF) had also said the country was on the road to sustainable growth, adding that what led to ballooning inflation in the tenure of the coalition government.
Imran posed the question that why the country was not witnessing the power outages of such intensity, when his party was in power, adding that despite paying the capacity payments the power plants are not generating electricity.
Imran said that PML-N’s government had installed plant on imported coal, adding that whoever built the Sahiwal should be put in jail, as the plant is also affecting the environment.
Imran Khan alleged that election rigging is being prepared in Punjab, adding that Punjab police and bureaucracy persecuted the people on May 25 at the behest of Sharif mafia.
He said that officers should not do any illegal act, adding that it seems that Hamza Shehbaz’s government will no longer exist in Punjab.
Imran Khan said that Hamza Shahbaz’s government has no constitutional status in Punjab, adding that thankfully, the court ruled on the reserved seats.
Imran Khan said the stock market has also fallen in two months, adding that the rupee has been depreciating steadily for the past two months.
Imran said the coalition government has no capacity to take the country out of the crisis, adding that if the subsidy on power of Rs500b will be given to the people, the country could come out of the crisis.
Imran said if half of the money of Zardari and Nawaz will be recovered, the country can come out of the economic crisis.
Imran went on to say that there is no other way in the country but clean and transparent elections.

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