5th International Art Fair and Paris Art Symposium 2020

Islamabad: (Staff Reporter) Samina Jamshed Nawaz a visual artist and active art therapist of Pakistan, she has has many solo National and International exhibitions. She was invited by Zervas Art which is under UNESCO umbrella to participate in an Art Symposium at Paris. In this event 140 artist registered and 85 made it to the fair. It was 5th Paris Art Fair and as Zervas has been working for art since 2005 so Ms. Jamshed being the 1st ever Pakistani artist to represent her country and make it proud was selected by Zervas Art the represent Pakistan, which she did making us all very proud of it.

Samina Jamshed created a painting within two days with all the other 85 artist from all over the world India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Spain, Morocco, Egypt, Ethiopia, Malaysia, Ghana, Canada, Turkey, France, Egypt, England, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Peru,Albania, Iran, Haiti and many more. Not only she participated by was awarded with a Gold medal and award with 3 certificates. She attended the master cakls which was conducted by the Dean of Kuala lumpur of Malaysia.

Ms. Samina has already been invited by the Turkist artist Ms. Pelain to conduct art therapy in Turkey and by Micheal to paint and exhibit bit in Spain, so it would not be wrong to say that she left a strong positive mark of Pakistan on those 85 artists from different countries. She has extended invitation to them to visit Pakistan which they will in near Pakistan.

As it is said that Art speaks a universal language and Samina proved it correct by leaving an everlasting image of Pakistan in Paris on artists from different parts of the work.

It all does not end here Zervas Art Director has officially announced during the award ceremony that Ms. Samina Jamshed Nawaz will represent Pakistan as the President of Zervas Art for her country promote Art & Culture of Pakistan with rest of the world showing them the true picture of Pakistan