Women rights in Afghanistan can’t be imposed from abroad: PM Imran


Staff Reporter – Islamabad:

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Wednesday said that it is a mistake to think that someone from outside can give Afghan women their rights, saying that the women in the neighbouring country are strong and the international community should give them time and they will get their rights themselves.
In an interview with CNN, he said women should have the ability in society to fulfil their potential in life but you cannot impose women’s rights from abroad in Afghanistan.
“I feel very strongly that it is a mistake that someone from outside will give Afghan women rights,” he added.
He said that in order to achieve peace and stability in Afghanistan, the world should “engage with the Taliban” and they should also be “incentivised” on issues such as inclusive government and women’s rights.
Per the outlet, PM Khan said that Pakistan had to endure a “terrible” relationship with the United States which turned out to be disastrous for Pakistan.
He added that the country, under his leadership, is now seeking a “more pragmatic approach in dealing with Afghanistan’s new leaders.”
The premier told the outlet that Afghanistan is on a “historic crossroad” and it could finally achieve peace after 40 years if the incumbent Taliban government could form an inclusive government by getting all the factions on board.
“But if it goes wrong and which is what we are really worried about, it could go to chaos. The biggest humanitarian crisis, a huge refugee problem, and the reemergence of terrorism ” he said, adding that since Afghanistan is undergoing a critical situation, the Taliban regime is looking towards the world for aid.
No puppet government in Afghanistan is supported by the people,” he said. “So rather than sitting here and thinking that we can control them, we should incentivise them. Because Afghanistan, this current government, clearly feels that without international aid and help, they will not be able to stop this crisis. So we should push them in the right direction.”
When questioned whether he supports the Taliban’s treatment of women, especially excluding them from sports, PM Khan said: “I feel very strongly that it is a mistake to think that someone from the outside will give Afghan women their rights [because] Afghan women are strong. Give them time, and they will get their rights.”