Sat. Jul 24th, 2021

Revocation of articles 370 & 35-A, has totally transformed dimensions of Kashmir dispute: Dr. Moonis

Muzaffarabad – Shoaib Mehmood:

A webinar was organized by Department of International Relation(UAJ&K) on the topic, “Kashmir dispute in a multipolar world: Challenges & Opportunities for Pakistan”, in which a renowned and acclaimed Professor Dr. Moonis Ahmar(University of Karachi) was invited as a guest speaker, and very beautiful and enthusiastic welcome remarks were given by Dr. Mehmood Hussain( Assistant Professor of IR Department, UAJ&k).
Dr. Moonis Ahmar said, ” Though the hegemonic power is United States of America, but there are some other states that are emerging as strong powers in this Unipolar World, that makes it a Multipolar entity. India is one of those powers, as it’s the world 2nd largest population, and is one of the world’s largest economies, along with very influential and persuasive diplomatic institutions that make the other powers, and International organizations tilted towards it, that’s why, Pakistan remained unsuccessful in settlement of Kashmir Dispute”. Furthermore, he talked about the revocation of articles 370 & 35-A, that proved to be a game changer, which has totally transformed the dimensions of this Issue, as after this incident, India made several demographic Changes in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK).
He stressed on the flaws in Pakistani Leadership and Diplomacy, which failed in getting an end. He emphasized, “Multilateral Diplomacy, as well as economic & political stability of Pakistan is mandatory to resolve this issue. Unfortunately, Pakistan is facing economic crises and political turmoil, and also lack such diplomatic capabilities that enhances the diplomatic pressure on other states. Consequently, we failed in seeking attention and support of world powers, but India remained successful in doing so”.